Calling All Volunteers

Our Mission

Finding Greyhounds New Homes

can only continue with YOUR help and support!


Volunteers are always needed. We need volunteers for


Foster Homes



Creative Minds

Any other talents you can bring

If you are in the south Florida area and would like to volunteer please fill out the form below or Contact Us directly.

Personal Information

  • I certify that the above information is true and as a Forever Greyhounds, Inc. volunteer, I agree to follow the Forever Greyhounds, Inc. guidelines.  I agree to forever release, discharge, covenant to hold harmless and indemnify for all costs Forever Greyhounds, Inc., it’s Board of Directors, Officers, Members or any official agents may have from any and all claims from damages, expenses or actions arising out of any act or occurrence pursuant to any animal in the Forever Greyhounds, Inc. program.  If you agree to statements, affix your signature and date in the space above.   BY SUBMITTING THIS CONTRACT (APPLICATION) YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING THAT YOU HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE AND HOMEOWNERS LIABILITY INSURANCE.  YOU MUST HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE TO INTERACT WITH THE ANIMALS.