Greyhounds:  Ownership or Cult?

In a cult, you have a group of people with the single purpose of furthering an agenda or purpose. An exclusive club so to speak. That got me thinking. Having rescued many different breeds of dogs in my life, I thought I was pretty savvy on dog ownership. But when I adopted an ex-racing Greyhound, I found things to be very different and life-changing.

When you adopt an ex-racing Greyhound, it opens up a whole new world of dog ownership that most people never experience. You gladly give your life over to your Greyhound, but who really owns who? As mentioned in one of my previous articles, you have a unique vocabulary to describe your dog’s actions and habits that mainstream people may not understand like derp, roaching and rooing.

You are exposed to events like Greyhound picnics, walks, parties, expos, “retirement days” or meet and greets where you will meet other ex-racing Greyhounds and their guardians and will spend the entire time talking about your dog, and not even realize it.

Their regal stance and calm demeanor exude an air of royalty that will make you the envy of everyone you meet. They will mesmerize non-Greyhound owners by using their obvious attributes. One look into their soulful eyes will make anyone forget time and space.

And the dogs know the all-encompassing hold they have over their owners. You will find yourself buying gorgeous coats and collars and not think anything about spending more money on their clothing than your own. Racing all over town to find the latest toy to present to your hound doesn’t seem out of the norm to you. Hours spent researching just the right food is gladly done at the expense of sleep.

At non-Greyhound events, your hound will flop over gracefully and nap the afternoon away while other dogs are yipping and yapping and driving their owners crazy. As other pet parents are pulling their hair out, Greyhound guardians will look at you and nod with that all-knowing look. Non-verbal communication can pass between Greyhound owners without further explanation.

And if something should happen to your Greyhound or you have a question, the Greyhound community will close ranks and rally to answer your question or provide support. This fraternity is one that transcends all other breeds.

So, when considering an ex-racing Greyhound for adoption, remember that your life will change and you will give yourself completely to the devotion of your hound. And in that case, perhaps that is not so bad.



Reprinted with permission of Linda Weber